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June Show

Capitol Contemporary Gallery is pleased to announce two new exhibitions for the month of June-- Road Trip by Toby Davis and Idaho Landscapes and Abstracts by Sandra Shaw. Davis’s new oil paintings have a passion for color. Each of these paintings have their own unique palette and flavor of the places they represent. Shaw paints detailed and colorful watercolors of her favorite places in Idaho, including the Boise foothills, Sun Valley, and Stanley where she and her husband frequently hike. Shaw will also be exhibiting luminous abstract watercolors using a unique, layered watercolor pouring technique. The opening reception will be held on First Thursday, June 6th from 5-9 pm and is free and open to the public. The show will run from June 3-29.

May Show

Our May exhibition features new Idaho landscape paintings by Rachel Teannalach and recent black and white photography by Mark Lisk. Teannalach’s focus is on capturing the feeling a place evokes rather than producing a realistic image. Her paintings inspired by the landscapes of Idaho, explore how we feel in nature, and what can come creatively of that felt experience. Simple, stark, unadorned, are all words that illustrate Lisk’s recent work in black and white. In this series of photographs his compositions are strengthened by negative space and the lack of color, which is a distinct drift from Mark’s traditional color landscapes. Each widely exhibited in Idaho and the west, this is Lisk and Teannalach’s first duo show together. The exhibition is on view through May.

April Show

Capitol Contemporary Gallery is pleased to announce two new shows by Connie Wood and Karen Eastman for the month of April. In her exhibition, Wood examines the Nature of Patterns and the patterns in Nature. Wood's observation and contemplation of those patterns guides the physical act of creation--another pattern of mixing pigment and beeswax, painting, carving, and fusing with fire the elements of her art. Continuity by Karen Eastman moves further into the exploration of line and color and their relationship with one another. Her new works are a presentation of the concept of the connected whole. Both shows will have an opening reception on First Thursday, April 4th, from 5-9pm and run through the month of April.

March Show

Capitol Contemporary Gallery is excited to announce two new shows for exhibition in March. The exhibition Because Boiseis Karen Bubb’s artistic exploration of the streets and interiors of Downtown Boise. Painted in gouache (opaque watercolor) and encaustic (pigmented wax) on wood, she depicts haunting abandoned hotel rooms of the old Hotel Manitou, select interiors reflecting Treefort Music Festival, and various downtown rooftops. The exhibition Stilled Lives features work by local fine artist, Judith Lombardi. Lombardi creates stunning, almost ethereal pieces in oils and pastel that capture moments in people’s lives, turning the mundane into the magical. Both shows will have an opening reception on First Thursday, March 7th, from 5-9pm and runs through the month of March.

February Show

Geometry and Process is a new show opening at Capitol Contemporary Gallery featuring work by Cassandra Schiffler and Christine Raymond. Cassandra Schiffler’s work is a series of reduction monotypes that reveal structured chaos.  Christine Raymond’s colorful artwork combines gold leaf with painted geometric forms. Both artists have long felt a strong affinity for each other’s work, which is about emotion and feeling made visible through formal structure, color, and process. They are excited to exhibit their work together and invite you to the opening on First Thursday, February 7th, from 5-9pm. The show runs through the month of February.

Group Show

Capitol Contemporary Gallery is excited to open the new year with our very first group show featuring 24 amazing artists! This grand opening stunner will be followed with exciting new shows changing every month, you won't want to miss one!

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